About Cyprus


Offering the perfect balance between work and relaxation, with long sunny days in a stress-free atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, Cyprus enjoys an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle, 340 days of sunshine a year and some of the most welcoming people in the world…all in a modern and well-functioning environment. Can you imagine a life away from cold, wet days and the hectic lifestyle that exists in most Western countries, but in a perfect sunny climate with crystal cl... Read More


Situated on the North West peninsular of Southern Cyprus, Polis’s main function until recently was agricultural which is still clearly noticeable. Even during the heat of July and August the Polis fields look fresh and green. Greenhouses produce cucumbers and tomatoes all year round and the hills are covered with citrus trees, tobacco, vegetables and other crops. The beaches of Polis are a mix of sand and soft pebbles. During July, August and September the area has the... Read More

Coral Bay

The Coral Bay area, in Paphos, Cyprus occupies a superb location overlooking the golden sandy beaches of Coral Bay Beach and sparkling waters of Coral Bay.  Adjacent to the Akamas peninsular, an area protected by UNESCO, Coral Bay offers the perfect base for exploration, either by jeep or on horseback. Perfectly seasoned all the year round, being the warmest in the winter and coolest in the summer. Providing both an excellent climate & location f... Read More


Just 30 minutes away from both international airports on the island, Limassol stretches along a 15km coastline and combines harmoniously the relaxed lifestyle of an island with opportunities of a metropolitan city. Boasting some of the islands finest hotels, Limassol welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists all round the year. Tourists travelling to Limassol can enjoy a varied nightlife, some of the islands finest restaurants, great golfing nearby and just 30 minutes drive... Read More


Paphos is considered the jewel of Cyprus, with a mild climate and natural geographic beauty, from mountains dipping into the crystal clear waters and gentle hills slopping into deserted bays. The relaxed tempo of life here offers visitors and residents alike a tranquillity and peace few places in the world can offer. Once a small fishing village, Paphos still enjoys the safety and security of an unspoilt peaceful way of life. For this very reason it attracts visitors that co... Read More

Places to Visit in Nicosia

CYPRUS MUSEUMPriceless and fascinating collection of Cyprus antiquities and art treasures from Neolithic Age to the early Byzantine Period Museum Street Monday-Saturday: 09:00-17:00 Sunday: 10:00-13:00 ARCHBISHOP'S PALACE (OLD AND NEW)Center of the Cyprus Orthodox Church, the new Archbishop's Palace built in a neo-Byzantine style 1960, contains the private suite of the late Archbishop Makarios. Open to the public only on special occasions. LAIKI YITONIARestored pedestria... Read More

Places to Visit in Paphos

Paphos Archaeological ParkLocation: Kato Paphos - CyprusKato Pafos Archaeological Park includes sites and monuments from prehistoric times, Roman period and Middle Ages. The complex includes 4 Roman villas with marvelous mosaic floors, the Asklipieion (a sanctuary dedicated to the god of medicine), the Odeion (amphitheater), the Agora (square court), the "Saranta Kolones" (Forty Columns) Fortress, the "Limeniotissa" Ruins of early Christian Basilica and the "Tombs of the King... Read More

Places to Visit in Limassol

Amathus Ruins Location: Limassol District - CyprusOne of the most important city-kingdoms of ancient Cyprus, Amathus is situated about 10 kilometres east of Limassol. According to mythology it was founded by King Kinyras and was also where Theseus left Ariadne to be cared for after his battle with the Minotaur. The remains contain: baths and other adjacent buildings, four basilicas, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, necropolis, an aqueduct and the harbor, which nowadays lies under... Read More

Places to Visit in Larnaca

Kalavasos Tenta Neolithic Settlement Location: Kalavasos village - Larnaca Distric - CyprusWebsite: http://www.kalavasos.orgTenta, the name of a lens-shaped hill that rises about 20 metres above the western side of Vasilikos Valley, lies about 2.5 kilometres from the village of Kalavasos. The earliest remains of human habitation at Tenta date back to the Aceramic Neolithic period (c. 7500 BC - c. 5200 BC). There appears to be a gap from the end of this period until the site ... Read More