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Purchasers Guide

A GUIDE FOR ACQUIRING, SELLING AND OWNING IMMOVABLE PROPERTY IN CYPRUS  1. INTRODUCTION  This guide was made in order to assist all prospective buyers in understanding what they need to know for purchasing a property in Cyprus. Our experience over the years has enabled us to understand the concerns of clients wishing to purchase a property in Cyprus and we now wish to give something back. This guide is divided to four sections: A. ... Read More

Residency in Cyprus

Recent changes to the immigration regulations pertaining to certain countries have allowed for several countries to benefit from relaxations on their travel restrictions. Invest € 100,000 in property in Cyprus and you can obtain A TEMPORARY RESIDENCY. After 5 years you are then entitled to apply for full Residency. Invest €300,000 or more in property and receive full Residency to the EU island of Cyprus. 5 years have the option to apply for a full Cypriot passpo... Read More

Health Care

Public and private health care in Cyprus is of a very high standard and available to everybody, with all Cypriot doctors, specialists and surgeons having qualified abroad, the majority in the UK or Germany.Public healthcare in CyprusThe Cyprus National Health Service provides efficient medical care at a very reasonable cost. The UK has concluded a social security agreement with Cyprus; UK nationals permanently living and working in Cyprus are entitled to the same medical cove... Read More

Legal Services

The legal system in Cyprus concentrates extensively in offering legal services in the areas of corporate law, real estate law, company registrations, tax law, trusts and business law and now an increasing demand for immigration law.  Due to Cyprus offering a very attractive international tax system there many investments made in the island and it is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for permanent residency for non EU foreign na... Read More

Tax & Foreign Pensions

Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Africa and is an excellent location for the worldwide multinational corporations. As of 1st of May 2004 is a member of the European Union. Cyprus, a Former British Colony follows the common Law system and the UK legal system has an immense influence on the island. Following the country’s accession to the European Union the Tax regime of the country has undergone substantial changes. Due to this changes Cyprus is no... Read More

Company Formation

Our Team will assist you with your Cyprus Company Incorporation / Formation to enable you to enjoy Cyprus Tax benefits straight away. Available is also a Shelf Companies list with ready-made companies from all major jurisdictions. PRICES VARY FROM 1600€ TO 2000€. Direct from your lawyer in Cyprus. Please contact us for professional assistance. Cyprus during the past decades has succeeded to become a reputable and most favourable International Financial Centre sinc... Read More

Education for Foreigners

  The education system in Cyprus is of a very high standard and accessible to all residents. Cyprus offers a wide range of schools from pre-school kindergarten (1-4 years eight months), pre-primary (4 years 8 months to 5 years 8 months), primary schools (6-12 years), secondary schools (12-18 years), colleges (16-18 years) and universities (18+). The Cypriot government wishes to ensure that children from other countries continue their education whilst they are in Cyprus.... Read More


非欧盟公民申请塞浦路斯临时居留权的相关信息   Every non EU citizen can apply for temporary residency (pink slip), which is renewable periodically. 每一个非欧盟公民都可以申请可定期续签的临时居留许可(粉单)。   In order to apply to the Immigration Office and obtain the Pink Slip applicants must open a Bank account with sufficient funds proving that they can support themselves and their dependants. 为了向移... Read More


Relevant application form 相应的申请表   2 passport sized photos 2张护照大小(2寸)的照片   Passport valid for at least 2 years 有效期2年或以上的护照   Temporary Residence Permit (if applicable) 临时居留许可(如果适用的话)   Bank certificates showing deposits & movements of funds (bank accounts especially from the country of residence & Cyprus) 显示资金存入与移动的银行流... Read More

Golf in Cyprus

With par facilities in beautiful surroundings, Pafos is the latest destination on the golfing map, a place where you can play the game all year round. The Pafos District has four top class golf courses, with a few others currently under construction. Situated in peaceful surroundings amidst landscaped hills with spectacular views, these offer luxury villas or apartments for sale, clubhouses, shops, hotels and all the necessary facilities. They are far from the hus... Read More