Property Transfer Fees REDUCED by 50%

Property Transfer Fees REDUCED by 50%

CYPRIOT MPs voted unanimously to cut Property Transfer Fees by 50 percent as part of a wider tax reform package designed to modernise the island’s property tax system and encourage economic activity in the real estate sector.

Transfer Fees Exemption:

The reduced transfer fees will apply to all property sales and registrations of leases or subleases. In addition, the transfer fees payable on transfers of property from parent to child will be abolished together with the fees payable when properties of an equal value are exchanged.

The Cyprus government believes that the reduction in Property Transfer Fees will help to stimulate economic activity in the property sector and reduce the backlog of titles that are waiting to be transferred to the property’s purchaser. 

The amendment was applicable as of the date of publication in the Official Gazette (published on 16 July 2015).

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